Post-operative Rehabilitation

After any orthopaedic operation, such as joint replacements, arthroscopies, shoulder, knee and spinal surgery people need a period of recovery.  Joint movement needs to be restored, muscles need to be strengthened.  There are often restrictions to what you can do when and these guidelines can be confusing.

At Kettering Physio First we have physiotherapists that have worked extensively in the NHS and Private sector, in helping patients get over their operations.  We utilise both the pool and gym environments to help you to optimise your recovery.  We have dealt with athletes and those who want to get back to daily activities.  We will work with you to whatever your aim is, advising and helping you to achieve whatever is possible.  We have links with orthopaedic surgeons are will, with your permission, liaise with them over any queries that arise during treatment.

Other Conditions Treated

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