Sports Injuries

All sports people, at all levels can get injuries, here at Kettering Physio First we can assess, treat and help you back to sport.

Injuries can be acute one off events such as ligament sprains and haematomas from impact injuries, or more of a repetitive nature such as tendonopahties. We can assess the joints, ligaments and muscles and the way in which you move (biomechanics) to help you work out what the problem is and how to get over it.

We have acces to the pool and gym to help advise on a programme of rehabilitation to ensure that you can try to maintain as much cardio vascular fitness as you can whilst the healing of the affected area occurs.

Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy is now avaialble to enhance sporting performance, improve muscle function, increase joint mobility and reduce compacted tissues (knots).

We can also organise relevent MRI scans or x-rays if appropriate through our links with Dr Taylor.

So if you have a sports injury and want help contact us for an appointment.